Sometimes education is seen as a competition for learners, teachers, departments, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, countries.  When teaching it is necessary to consider a number of aspects for the learner, in particular their cultural experience and social conditions as these can influence educational performance.

An entertaining public speaker, writer, researcher, adviser and former teacher, Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way people are being educated.  He champions the cultivation of creativity.

Do schools kill creativity?


How to escape education’s death valley


We need to educate people to take them into a future where no-one knows what awaits.  Learners could be seen as thinkers where they work and collaborate with each other.

This is wotworks for us.

  • Encourage learners to work in pairs to discuss and share ideas
  • Combine social contexts for instruction
  • Link to outside resources such as family members, business people – ask them to come into the classroom to share their knowledge and experience
  • Show learners how to create mental maps – let them see you get things wrong in the classroom and how you deal with problems.
  • Model how you want them to behave

Did you know that as teachers we personalise learning in every lesson?  According to Mary James “learning is always personalised because people make sense of their experiences in unique ways.  No one person’s mental models will be quite the same as those of others because they have been shaped by different prior experiences”.



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