Does education offer equality?

students working hard

Professor Steve Strand made a presentation at the University of Oxford about equity in education.  He summarised his recent research about school effects in educational achievement.  His focus was achievement gaps and whether teachers could learn something from the groups of learners who over-achieve in education.  Professor Strand highlighted that the effect of social class on pupils leads to stark differences between learners’ achievement.  Are you doing anything in your learning establishment which addresses successfully the problems of under-achievement?  If you are, it would be great to hear from you.

If you wish to read Professor Strand’s research there are two papers available:

Click here:  Strand, S. (2014) Even at best schools, kids on free school meals are performing worse than their peers.

University of Oxford students click here: Strand, S. (2014). School effects and ethnic, gender and socio-economic gaps in educational achievement at age 11. Oxford Review of Education, 40, (2), 223-245.


Other recent papers presented by Professor Strand are:

Strand, S. (2014a). Ethnicity, gender, social class and achievement gaps at age 16: Intersectionality and ‘Getting it’ for the white working class. Research Papers in Education, 29, (2), 131-171.

Lindsay, G. & Strand, S. (2013). The evaluation of a national roll-out of parenting programmes across England: The parenting early intervention programme (PEIP). BMC Public Health, 13, 972.

Strand, S. (2012). The White British-Black Caribbean achievement gap: Tests, tiers and teacher expectations. British Educational Research Journal, 38, (1), 75-101.



Learning how to learn

She knows first-hand how it feels to struggle with numeracy.  Dr Oakley contended with maths and science courses in school.  When she enlisted in the US army she saw that her inability to master maths and science was holding her back.  She returned to school and was determined to master the subjects which had given her so much trouble.  Watch her interesting Ted Talk.