Welcome to WOTWORKS As experienced teachers, it’s the curiosity of our learners that we need to inspire.  Learning, through trial and error, can be messy and confusing – but it promotes deeper understanding and is so rewarding when a learner says “Oh, I get it”.   Give yourself, and your learners, time to reflect on what they are expected to understand.  Although inordinately difficult, try to forget about the targets, the measurements and the scrutiny.  Simply focus on the craft of your profession – teach.  Remember that learners are at the heart of everything you do.   Good teaching makes a difference, but excellent teaching transforms lives.

Bridging the gap

Our aim is to bridge the gap between academic theory and what happens in the learning environment.  We know that collaborative learning helps people to develop but sharing control of the classroom can be difficult. By introducing learning as “messy learning”, and telling learners that it is fine if they make a mistake, we have found that people are brave about “having a go” and are more inclined to take risks with learning.  We are aware that if teachers are to try something new, they need to know that they are supported.  By making tiny changes, it is possible to make a big difference.

We’ve spent some time putting together ideas about wotworks in our classrooms linked to academic theory.  Why not collaborate with us and leave a comment.   Together we can share our ideas about wotworks in the classroom.

Updated:  November 2014


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